Are items dishwasher safe?

To keep your handmade ceramics in the best condition, hand washing is recommended. Porcelain pieces without wooden components are dishwasher safe at lower temperature cycles, however prolonged dishwasher use can affect the glaze over time.

How do I care for the wooden components?

Hand wash ceramic parts as usual, and wipe clean wooden components. Do not soak. Wooden elements will age in a similar way to beech cooking utensils, becoming textured over time. Rivets may change colour but will not rust.

Do I need to worry about thermal shock?

Porcelain is a very durable material, and each piece has been fired to a high temperature to ensure heat resistance to boiling water and hot foods. However, dramatic changes in temperature should be avoided as this can cause thermal shock; for example filling a cup with boiling water after washing in very cold water.

Are pieces microwave safe?

It is not recommended to use pieces in the microwave.

How durable is the glaze?

As with any ceramic pieces, the glaze may mark over time when used with sharp utensils. Porcelain is however a very durable material, so this should not be too noticeable for normal use. As the outer surfaces of pieces are unglazed, over time this can mark the glazed areas when rubbed together. It is therefore advised that you stack plates carefully or store in an upright plate rack. Cups and tableware can be stored stacked, but try to avoid twisting the pieces around excessively.

What if a piece isn't in stock on the online shop?

As each piece if handcrafted I usually have very limited stock of ready made pieces. Everything I have available is listed on my online shop, so if there are any pieces which you're interested in but aren't listed just send me an email and I can make it in my next batch. This can take around 4 weeks for ceramics and 6-8 weeks for pieces with wooden components.


What if my country isn't shown on the delivery options online?

Contact me if your country isn't listed on postage options on the online shop and I will give you a quote for postage.  The customer is responsible for any taxes or duties that may be incurred on international orders.